The will to be free

I have been following the development between the EU administration and the Eastern European countries, formerly known as the Soviet bloq.

First of all, the freedom to act is given by G-d, taking the freedom to act away, is to strip a person of his right to follow his own heart.

There can be situations, where one must restrain a person, if that person hurts another person. That is written in the human rights.

But in this situation, where the Eurocrats are forcing the European nations to do something they do apparently not wish to do. The one who is wrong is the one forcing.

What is truly the problem?

The problem is, that the European Union is so riddled with corruption, ineffectiveness and lack of true moral guidance, that it is tearing itself apart.

Destroying nations it was supposed to uphold and strengthen.

In this situation, where the Eastern European nations are not willing to comply, leave them. They have suffered enough already, do not let them suffer anymore.

On the contrary, get this absurd migration situation under control, and stop it.

It is possible, and would benefit all, not least all the countries in Africa that loses all it finest young men.

I hereby give my unsolicited and full support to mr. Viktor Orban president of Hungary, for his brave fight for his people. Do not stand down, you are right to defend the liberties of your nation, and no-one should hinder you in this mission.

G-d bless the will to do good in this difficult situation.

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