Have faith

I have been thinking and thinking, and thinking about the current crisis in the Liberal part of the US.

I have, due to some serious problems in the country, talked a lot about solidarity and unity.

In this situation, where the country is searing in the seams, we cannot afford a fanning the division. We need to trying to work with the Republican administration, otherwise things might just truly fall apart.

The problem with this attitude is the fact, that it gives all the attention to mr. Trump, and almost no attention to our own predicament.

But here is an advice I think is good.

For a long time I searched for the solution outside my own philosophical ideas. Maybe because we lost, so I got demoralised.

But then I just realised that was the wrong way to go. We should not look for the answers in the historical development or in other wise men. But in ourselves.

WE have the answers. We succeeded in turning around the US. So we did something right.

Instead of being so demoralised, lets look at the beautiful nation we have with all its rich history of Democracy, humanism, a positive Christian and Jewish faith. Perhaps even inspiring Islam to find a positive way.

That is our legacy and true strength.

Why try to find new answers, why not just build on what we have?

Hope and Change, faith and freedom. These ideas are eternal, let us strengthen them, find nourishment in them. Have faith. Then everything will fall into their right places.

G-d bless the will to find a positive path in the face of demoralization.

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