Change based on our parents

I truly believe, that we have to move on from the 68 cultural communist perspective.

First of all because we need to Change, we cannot hang on to ideas, just because they are there. Things move, the world moves, so we need to move.

What I have tried to do, was to look at the theoretical groundwork, and find a new direction.

Our parents supported cultural Marxism, feminism and free sex. They wanted to make a world without borders and sing Imagine and kumbaya.

Ok, I get it, for my parents, who were exactly like that, that was great. I loved my parents dearly, and I still respect them. But it is time to move on to something new.

That is the core of my ideas.

As Marx tore down religion, I have tried to make it live again. As my parents were into free sex and culture without borders, I have made it a principle to raise a sound family, keep my faith in my beautiful wife and support my country.

This does not mean, that I do not recognise the values of my parents that were good. I fight for minorities, I fight against a racist world.

But I am patriotic, and I believe in Democracy.

In that sense, I truly believe, that my ideas are the next step after the cultural marxists. A new creed based on the old, with new ideas and new priorities.

It’s a new mix democratic humanism combined with socialism and based on a true faith.

I have wrecked the world already, and people still seem to not be able to wrap their heads around it. Insisting on the old ideas of cultural Marxism opposed to nazism.

Well, this is new, and has already changed the world, not least with the late presidency of Mr. Barack Obama.

Hopefully it will bring a new unity, and a new world, with borders, but with a serious humanistic base.

In a sense its the natural development of the ideas of my parents.

That is truly Change, and that will give us hope.

G-d bless the will to Change.

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