Apple has just revealed the best batch of products since Mr. Steve Jobs passed away. Fitting for a celebration of the new Apple park in California.

Let me be honest with all the Apple aficionados out there. I bought all the Apple products I could afford when Mr. Jobs passed away. In fact, I am writing right now on an Apple Airbook, that I have used ever since.

That was my way of saying goodbye to a lifelong companion in computer science. I graduated with a masters in human/machine interaction two decades ago.

I also did it because, I were really worried. Worried, that the genius of Mr. Jobs would be the only true drive of Apple.

That was repelled yesterday with the new Iphone X. That is an amazing product, hands down. The innovation, the beauty, the care for the user is just very, very good. Well done workers of Apple, you did that very well.

It spells many years of future in the beautiful new buildings.

I feel, maybe right, maybe not, that I have a special relationship to Apple. At the end of Mr. Jobs work, he seemed to develop a certain fondness to philosophy, and I believe that I inspired him a bit.

At the same time, be it strange or not, Apple seemed to be there as an inspiration and support in some of the hard times I had.

I remember five years ago. I had a job in a school working with the kids of second and third grade. It was a desperate job. It payed very little, and the working environment was killing me.

I managed to set up a little network of computers, so some of the socially challenged boys would have a place to stay, and just be normal boys.

A great success in fact.

But it was still hard work, and as computer work is a place of a lot money, caring for children certainly is not.

So I was desperate, and then this scammail came, you know some Nigerians (with all respect for Nigeria) send me a mail, I could win this and this, if I just send them a little money.

But then I could also get a new Apple computer, thrown in.

Apple represented, at that time, some kind of fata morgana, a distant mirage, too expensive for me, but a symbol of someone who had the same values as I, same humanistic drive, to make better world, to help the kids, to create, to support, and do it through an equillibristic musical performance.

So I almost jumped on the scam, just to relink to Apple.

But I was wise enough not to it, but it just made it clear to me, that Apple represents something that I can strive for, in my deepest hour of need.

And, lo and behold, here five years after, I am ok again. Using those values of Apple, that we share to recreate a better and sounder world. A world where we actually help each other, and give instead of taking.

Stupid story, I know, but it is etched into my own retina screen, inside.

So for all the hours I have stomped on my Apple keyboard, here is a token of ideas, you may use at Apple.

Listen, you are thinking too much in products, and too little in how the user uses these products. Let me give you an example. When the first Apple computer was made, I remember it as yesterday. I studied at university, and we got a whole bunch of them at school.

What was truly revolutionary, was the mouse.

When the Iphone was made, what was truly revolutionary, apart from App Store, was that you could use your finger instead of a mouse. THAT was the great leap in innovation.

My point is, that while as Apple has created some of the most beautiful products in the world, what Apple has really done is to recreate the interaction we do with machines.

I think Steve thought a lot about our fingers, how to emulate them. That is the interaction between man and machine.

The next step is then logically not to use your finger anymore, but your voice.

I think Steve thought a lot about that when he made Siri. How do you make a system that will allow you to control with just your voice.

So the next logical step in machine/human interaction is to realise all the potential Siri has.

Think about it. Instead of using a keyboard, we can just talk to the computer, goodbye keyboard. Or all the other menial task we do all the time, sliding, swiping pushing. Integrate Siri much deeper in the system, and you have a whole new way of interacting with your device.

This will also allow new devices, that has no keyboard, and help the devices that is already there, especially I Watch.

Siri IS the new leap in innovation.

It just needs to be easy to use by the developers, and made universally usable by all third-party developers.

THAT would elevate the entire business, and be in the true spirit of Mr. Steve Jobs.

May he rest in peace, and be proud of you guys, because you deserve it.

Well done, we look forward to the next batch of inspiration, and don’t forget the kids, especially the disabled and socially disenfranchised. They could all use a good computer.

G-d bless your, and may have all the luck in the world. Peace.

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