There is a whole lot of bad vibes in the business of migration. Honestly, it is a minefield and a political question that really drives people apart.

As in the DACA discussion, as in Germany where the entire election has been on that single point, and in Denmark, UK, Norway and so on.

It is the single most dividing issue in the whole West. We need to understand this and try and mend the idiocy of those who were before us. But we need to look at it from a humanistic perspective. This is not about race or superiority of the white man, or some other lame ideology. It is about challenging those conflicts, that has arisen in the demoralization of the West in the cold war.

What we need then, is to remoralize. That was actually the whole point of the Trump campaign, Make America great again, really means, we want to be proud of our own values and even our contribution to civilization itself.

Not a wrong idea.

But we need to understand what this civilization is in order to defend it.

It is, as simply put as possible; Democracy.

Democracy is a system with bells and whistles, ideas. Based on deep thinking and a lot of experience.

It dates, on its Middle East branch all the way back to Babylon, Eden and some of the other famous cities of the fertile crescent. On its Viking branch, it stems from the free marauders of Scandinavia and England.

The virtues are justice and freedom. Freedom to think as we will, and freedom to roam where we want.

Justice by the public law.

So making America Great again and defending our values is, essentially that; making the world democratic again.

When we then see this in the perspective of migration. We can see, that there are many peoples who are willing and interested in following these ideas and creeds, but some are not.

Those who are not, fall in two groups.

1. Criminals
2. Islamists

Criminals are often awfully destructive, and they threaten to ruin many western countries, hence all the fuss from the voters.

We need to stop being soft, and be strong about the defense of common law. Stop the willy nilliying around the issues and throw these monsters to where they belong. They need to be put to justice.

Secondly, the Muslims who are destroying not only Islam itself but also the countries they live in, must feel the same wrath.

The amount of Muslims with an Islamist bend are horrifyingly many. We need to realize this and act on it.

Democracy is at stake, and not least the wellbeing of the public. This terrible terror attack in London underlines the problem.

It is enough! We need, with an iron will, to stop it and use the means necessary.

Throw these bastards back to where they came from, no pardon asked. This goes as well for all the violent gang rapers.

We will NOT accept it.

What we need to see from the political establishment, is action. Thorough action.

Then the true patriots that are among the rest of the migrants, should be welcomed and have a chance to make a good life.

G-d bless the will to act on the horrors of the migrants, and then also share with those who wish to be like us.

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