Ok, so the confrontation with China has been nudged up one more step. China has some pretty impressive hardware when it comes to hacking, we must give them that. Taking control over some of our warships, that was impressive.

But when it comes to strategy, that was the most stupid move ever. Now they have lost the element of surprise.

What we can do with this little incident is test our defense against their cyberattacks.

We really need to step up our game. FAST.

Soon the North Korea situation might deteriorate into real warfare. That is a time we have been planning for, and again, when the …. hits the fan, we need to move fast.

There is a risk of attacks on the US itself, we need to plan for that as well. There can be more terror attacks, and the Chinese geeks may try to hit our infrastructure. Therefor we need to think about vulnerability. Where will it be, and plan ahead.

All in all, not bad for a first phase. We got the Chinese to play their game before we did, so we can asses the strength of their weapons.

We will see in the future how it plays out.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of these problems.

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