Is in Europe

Looking at the future of Europe, we need to realize the advent of the war with the IS supporters in Europe. Islamic State is very strong in Europe, and if we do not recognize this, we will not be seeing things as they are.

The people who are slaugthering innocent Christians and Yazidis in Iraq will soon do the same in Europe. How are the churches to understand that challenge? By understanding it the same way as the confrontation in Iraq and Syria. By wholeheartedly condemning and speak out against the atrocities, and support all the people who will be suffering from the attacks. Already we have seen numerous unprovoked attacks in Australia, Belgium and France. This is absurd and a crime against humanity. We cannot shirk away from recognizing these attempts on a dominating and inhuman conduct, by succumbing to political correctness.

This is not about all Muslims, a majority in the Middle East defy IS and The Muslim Brotherhood, but it is about those who put the means above the aim. We should wholeheartedly condemn all these terrible actions they do, and put ourselves at the side of the victims.

I remember when I fought for the Copts, one of the things I really found uplifting and even amazing, was the positive view of the Copts. As they faced the most dangerous and possible annihilation of their congregations, what did they do? They went out in the desert, to make a music festival. Started singing and enjoying themselves. This in face of the atrocities and the danger.

His eminence pope Tawadros risked it all, and supported mr. Al-Sisi. This example is worth remembering now, when we face the atrocities and the attack on Europeans. Let us not be bowed by it, let us use it to turn our energy to something positive. The best dejection of the violence and the persecution is joy!

Let us, in the face of all the problems we see mounting up in Europe start singing and lifting up our spirits. Make our hearts light, and share our daily bread with our neighbor. Be positive and start building instead of destroying. Serve creation and stick together, never walk alone, but in large powerful congregations, where our response to the mayhem, will be the opposite. Destruction met with construction. Hate met with love. Tyranny met with democracy.

G-d bless the will to keep our spirits high.

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