The carpenter and the tools

CamelotAfter prowling around on the Internet to find some good media sources to tell me what is going on the Anglican church, I finally found church times, which gives me a bit of an insight into the discussions in the church.

It it makes me very happy to see, that his excellency rev. Welby has started a proces to figure out a way to turn the tide of the Anglican church and reverse the development from slow implosion to fruition and growth again. In a sense the entire west hinges on this process, because without a faith that is positive, deep and truly civilizing we will die. In the competition with other faiths, we will wither and die. So in a sense this process is the most pressing and most important that we win.

They say, that a carpenter is never better than his tools. The same can be said about the clerics and their job. The tools that the intellectual philosophers and theologicans mold and make, is the tools of the vicars. So the tools is the most important things to consider. As we have discussed the advent and work with the family, we need to discuss tool like these to be strong again.

I will make it no secret, I have said it before, and I will say it again. We are fighting with our backs against the wall, with our barricades crumbling under us, with ships in need of upgrading and repair, with a country and a people in dire need of our assistance. They have only us, and we must not fail them, otherwise we will not do our duty to those we serve.

I have done it many times before, and, truly, there is a chance, but you need to make me a part of the process, from the beginning, otherwise I am not sure I will be able to succeed.

At the other hand, when with our backs against the wall, we fight the best. So to live or to die, we will give whatever we have in ourselves to step up, and fight on the beaches and fight in the shallow waters of our crumbling castles, to win for another day, even though the desperation seems overwhelming, England has done it before, it can do it again.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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