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It is a very interesting project with the Anglican Church, the more I think about it, the more it makes me see possibilities instead of problems. This may be the crowning project on my career. Usually philosophers have their peak at my age. So, as a servant to spirit, I believe he put me on this world to do this kind of work I am doing; giving inspiration to those who really need a helping hand in their work for G-d. It has to be given freely, and without any constraints and political considerations, so this will be my work. To help, regardless of the pay back in any way. I would really love to come to Oxford again, I truly believe, that the succes of the project rests on a sincere and deep knowledge of the church, in order for my advice to really be precise, but I will help, to my best ability, without any compensation. Because the gift of this, warrants the purety of the work.

I have been praying a lot, to find a course after the tour to Oxford, and this image of his excellency the vicar of Canterbury keeps popping up in my prayers. So this is a sign, as I see it, for the work to come. And looking at the need, it seems to me, that the need is really there.

Looking at the issues, I think it is a good idea to lift oneself up a bit, and have a look at England in a historical context. It was an island with a magical people, then it turned into a second Rome, now it is a demoralized and sulking husk of a fallen empire, with a longing for the magic.

So we need to combine these two things, the magic and the empire. Magic is revelation and redemption, a miracle one could say. The empire is still there, and needs a turning in terms of realization.

Have a look at Rome and how it came from a political, juristical and religious empire, and ended as a purely religious empire, but with law and politics as a basic point of religion.

My point is, when Rome fell, it really did not fall, it just changed, into a church. This allowed Rome to keep its influence but in a much softer way. It allowed countries to have all kinds of different governments, thereby giving a lot of political and juristitical independence, but still being there as the underpinning of the laws, political orders and so on. It is the same today, the church is the backbone of Rome, with all its traditions kept, and only moving back sometimes, when it needs a refueling of its own ideas, as it is doing now.

The same role could the Anglican Church play in the British empire. Be the foundation that the different old colonies can use in their own advancement as cultures and civilizations. A modern approach would be to critisize this approach as racist and colonialist. But, if the old colonies wants it themselves, as all the old colonies of Rome did after Rome fell. It is not colonialistic, it is a service to the country, and a way to elevate the human race to a higher level of understanding. Giving stability and peace.

This may be the role of the Anglican Church. It is already the role, because students from all the old colonies come to London to study and go back to their own countries with learning and skills.

Then how do the Anglican Church do it? It does it, by repeating the same proces the roman church has been through, but in a more peaceful way. The Anglican Church does not have the same hierarchy, and the Archbishop of Canterbury cannot change the Anglican Church the same way as the pope can. Simply because of the much more fragmented nature of the church. So it has to be much more gradual.

There are two principles that may be of use. Let me explain. There is one virtue of the English that is accepted by the world, and still very much in use everywhere where there is football; FairPlay. I believe that the ability to be fair in a proces is actually one of the greatest virtues of England. Everywhere where people are fair, things run much better. But fairness requires understanding of detail. This is why I really would like to come and part of the process, otherwise, I cannot be in understanding of all the myriads of detail when it comes to the plan. But, make a revision of the Anglican Church where corruption is rooted out, where sound principles are again the leading star of the proces, in a fair way.

The second principle I would recommend in the work with the church is redemption, what do I mean by that? Jesus Christ is said to be the savior, why? Because he glows with the light of the moon, the light being the truth. Truth in a mild manner, is where redemption lies. In other words, make the church transparent, in economical matters, in mattes of documentation and work general. But do it gently, do not shine the awful truths into the eyes of the beholder. Otherwise he may be blinded and scared. Be gentle.

The toolbox of the vicars, will then be the selling point of the church, not only to man and woman, but also to the wellbeing of all the churches that see themselves as Anglican.

G-d bless the Anglican Church.

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