Islamic extremism

We have a very serious problem with migrants in Europe. In essence, it is defined by the lack of integration these migrants have with the mainstream culture of Europe.

In the U.S. most migrants integrate quite easily if they want, but not in Europe. This has lead to huge problems in the capitals of most European countries. The problems are really tough, we have seen a rise in terror, and a billion small problems in the everyday life of most Europeans.

The problems are so great, that we need to take the gloves off, but we need to do it based on civility, and in a way that the fabric of the civil society is not torn more to pieces, than it is now.

Let us be honest about the problem in Europe. We have a huge problem with Islamic extremism. But calling it extremism misses the point, it has come to the point, where it is not extremism anymore, but mainstream Muslim ideology to hate democracy and strive for the Caliphate.

That is the bare truth, and we need to stop that.

That is the motivation behind the case for a discussion on human rights.

The greatest problems right now is in London, where Islamic extremism is really rife. But also in Copenhagen, Malmoe, Paris, Amsterdam, Cologne the list goes on. We are literally sitting on a bomb, that keeps going off all the time in the most atrocious way.

The plan I came up with when I began targeting ISIS, was to differ between political Islam and secular Islam. That still works, so this is what I propose the European security apparatus to prepare.

A mass exodus of Islamic extremists out of Europe, to their home countries, or somewhere where they cannot harm anybody.

They are welcome to make a caliphate, if it is peaceful and is not situated in Europe, or anywhere else where we prefer Democracy.

So we need to arm up, gear up, and work with the Americans and Russians where we have simultaneous interests. But we need to prepare, or else this might just go down as a civil war, and then Europe as we know it, is finished

G-d bless the will to see things clearly.

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