When Rome went from a smallish Italian power to become a world power, it tried to put all the different faiths and creeds under one idea. That idea is called Christianity. 

But before that happened, there was something that was exclusively Roman. The idea of discipline and the faith in an ordered universe.

After many years this basic creed, the Roman, was weak, and many Romans called for a discussion on this. 

But unfortunately for them, they were seen as too primitive and unsophisticated. Greek philosophy was supreme to the primitive Roman ideas of disciplin, and order of the celestial realm.

The same problem is now present at the distant child of the Roman Empire, the British Empire. 

Today Englishness is seen as base and unsophisticated. People want to be citizens of the world, and no one cares for the base of said empire, that of England. 

If the Brits are to learn from the mother idea, maybe they should accept, that perhaps they are old fashioned, not in vibe with all the progressive ideas of the current globalist. But maybe that is what is truly melding the empire together. That of Englishness.

Englishness is again a mix of things. But even at the core of Englishness is an idea that is undivided, as of yet. The idea of freedom being the mother of the true Englishman. A stout, strong, proud warrior that will not bend his will to those who wish to enslave him. 

That is the core, as the Centurion was the core of the Roman Empire. 

Do not forget that, and please care for that old proud man, because he is what truly keeps the realm together. Maybe not in person, but as an idea and an ideal.

G-d bless the fair isles of England.

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