The will to be free

It is a little difficult to get through to the American public. It is a problem, that what I have done together with Mr. Obama has been kind of nullified. First of all, we really did a good job on foreign policy, secondly we laid the foundation of the economy that mr. Trumps is building on.

Anyway, as a way to get through to the public, and also start supporting the legacy of mr. Obama, I have send a really good book out to several agents in New York. The idea is to get a breakthrough in the US, and on this basis start targeting the criticism as well as try to explain what was actually going on.

I know that a lot of the things we did is going down memory lane, but the trends are still here. And I think we should honour that.

Apart from that, we need to find a new balance with some of the challenges we are facing.

One is the threat of the fight between Sunni and Shia in the middle East, another is the danger of collapse of American dominance in the East.

We are in danger of loosing a front there, and we cannot let that happen.

Things are not exactly going in the right direction, but we are still ok, more or less.

What we have to do though, is start getting serious on China. Do we want to beat them or not?

Whatever we do, we still need to see the danger they pose. As soon as they are in control, they will not care very much for us. So we need to prepare for the worst.

The book is also more than just a case for my philosophy, it is also a cry for redemption of Democracy.

THIS is what we need, faith in Democracy in this dangerous hour for our civilisation. Not lethargy or acceptance of our lot.

But faith, faith in freedom of speech, the right to have arms and the right to have our persons protected by law.

Bust most important, the right, and the will to be free.

G-d bless our wills to remain who we are, despite the danger of collapse.

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