Peace in the Middle East

The climate in the Middle East is bad. Mostly it is due to no involvement by the great powers of the world. As the competition has vaned, the motivation to support this or that power has also vaned. 

The main opponent for the US is now not Russia, in fact friendships are built, but China. 

Some of the same dynamics that was between the US and Russia could be foreseen in the Middle East, if China decides to enter and have supporters there. Right now China seems more interested in not making any enemies, so I do not think China will fight in the Middle East.

This leaves the Middle East alone, to carve out its own future. 

First of all, if war happens between Iran and Saudi Arabia, who will loose?

Iran and Saudiarabia. I am not specific friend of any of the two powers, I hold my bets on international peace. But I truly believe, that fighting between two powers will not be good for any of the two. 

What are you to gain? Dominance? Money? Justice? Just think about it, what is the endgame. 

For Israel, I will only talk for peace. Israel should not enter in any formation of any kind. But talk for peace in the region. This is what Israel is about. Both Sunni and Shia should have acces to the holy sites of Israel, and Israel should be the protector of the common heritage of all three monotheistic religions. 

What we need is the world to prosper. For our kids to be happy. For beauty in the old mosques to be appraised. 

In this world of endless warfare, we should not look at war as the only way to solve a problem. Perhaps we can talk. Have the sense to lay down ancient grudges, and find a way to live side by side. 

This is what Israel and ultimately the world is about. Peace. 

G-d bless the will to find peace.

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