The new path

Without being in the US, I kind of feel a change of sentiment in the Democratic Party. Where the Clintons used to rule before, now it is more the Obama way that is really the true Socialdemocratic ethos. 

Well, as a Socialdemocrat of some kind, that is beautiful. 

In Denmark Socialdemocratism has always returned to its DEMOCRATIC roots, when it was challenged. A good example is the movement of Hal Koch who lived just after the Second World War and the disgraceful conduct Denmark had been witnessed to by its own people. 

We did not do well in the Second World War, we never fought really, we stood down. So we felt that we had sacrificed our believes for a milder treatment by the Nazi war machine. 

What Hal Koch did was to go all in on Democracy. That really changed the story, and has ever since really been the modus vivendi for the Social Democrats when in danger. 

The same tradition is what I have tried to revive. To stop looking into Cultural Marxism, and look into the true roots of Social Democratism That of Democracy. 

That is really what I have basically given the US. A way back to the common ideological base we share. 

To be honest, I did not really know how the US worked in the beginning. I just noticed that Barack really liked my ideas. So I tried to help and be a friend. Still am. 

But I see now, that what we did together, was to change the direction of the liberal party back to a more sound and constructive path. 

As the legacy of Mr. Obama is challenged, let us not forget that. I hope that now when the downfall of Ms. Clinton is more or less at its end, we can start building on this new base. 

That is the aim of the book I try to publish in the US. 

To build a sound base under the party. A true, democratic, honest, enlightened, wise, just philosophy to support the community. 

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of adversity. 

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