It seems to me, that the US foreign ministry is searching for at new strategy in the Middle East. 

First of all, again, as in the war between the Sunni and Shia, what is the endgame?
The Middle East does not really give anything to the US itself. So, if you wish to Make America Great again, perhaps focusing the resources where that goal is the aim makes more sense. 

I am here talking about China. 

The entire Middle East warfare theatre is facing a whole new paradigm with the new drone weaponry. 

I championed the idea of making small autonomous drones to fight ISIS. 

This development is now, more or less, complete. 

It gives us a weapon of such destructive power, that the nuclear bomb is a kitty compared to it. 

The aim of the development was to counter the strategical disadvantage we have in guerilla warfare against a ideologically driven opponent. 

It was pretty effective in Afghanistan, but we also had some drawbacks with the strategy. What we met was a lot of resentment by the civilians in the area, they felt that the way of making war was unfair. 

But, wisely deployed, we can win a lot of battles cheaply and swiftly. 

What we have to do, is to use the weapons where it has most and best effect. 

In ten years we are probably going to deploy it in Europe, in some areas before. France and Sweden are candidates for warfare of such a way, because they are really in danger of falling as states. In a desperate situation, we use desperate measures.

If I were the Americans, I would reach out to the European states that needs the weapon, then why not France?

Concerning the games in the Middle East. What I did was to support an anti Moslem Brotherhood strategy. That is, I supported Mr. Al Sisi in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. This gave us a true act as a local player, because the people in the Middle East recognized us as a player with sufficient knowledge of the local power games. 

Israel is kind of reaching the same level of local player status. 

Talking with Turkey will abandon that strategy, which may be wise and then again maybe not. It gives Turkey too much power, and Turkey is actively fighting many European states including Denmark. So in a few years Europe will have to rap up the fighting against Turkey. 

So there is a choice there to be made. 

What I believe is important however, is to keep the peace. That is why I have supported those who want peace. 

In essence America needs to choose its friends wisely. 

What I would recommend would be to find a way to find friends in Europe and then take it from there. 

Also off cause support Israel and try to help where help is needed. 

Giving Israel an early acces to the drone weapon would be welcomed. 

At the other end of the globe, there is a more important game for the US itself, and that is to shore up support for the fight against China. 

This is important for the US itself, so it should be toppriority. 

We have to be realistic about all the dangers that the US faces, and act wisely in this wartheatre.

Be wise with our resources and plan ahead

One problem we really need to fix, is the fact that the Chinese has hacked the GPS system that we use for all our war vehicles, that has to be fixed ASAP.

Another thing is the fix the gap that will come between China and the US with the focus of China on AI. 

Combine AI with the new drones, that could give us a bit of a problem, see?

We need to focus on drone development, very heavily, and then start using the drones wherever necessary. 

Especially in Europe. 

G-d bless the will to be honest and wise in the use of our ressources.

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