Peace-doveWell, the peace process in the Middle East is not going very well. We are stuck in a positions, that will not really give the impetus to move to a more prosperous Middle East.

Please, Mr. Shimon Perez, maybe you could look at it this way; when we made in the Oslo peace, it came to naught because of one basic flaw in the solution; we made a deal with the wrong people. The Palestinians are not really the source of our problems, the rest of the world is the source of our problems. Some support us, some fight us, but the true conflict is not with the Palestinians, it is with the Iranians, the EU, sometimes Russia.

Right now, we actually have a good relationship to the Saudis, the Egyptians and the we have an opening to the Iranians. Behind them we also have made peace with the Russians and the we are allied with the Americans.

Now to make a peace that will last for a long time, we need the world powers to invest something themselves. It is a negotiation, and in a negotiation we need to give something to receive something.

My point is, we are negotiating with the wrong people. Realistically, a peace deal with the Palestinians, would basically just end up repeating the Oslo deal, and we know what way that deal went.

The Americans and my good and nice friend Mr. Barack Obama is hard pressed on the home front, the congress is in the deep freezer, and he needs to address this.

If we, as Israel take the initiative and start to negotiate on the state level, and not just with the Palestinians, we would help Barack a lot.

Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu cannot, in the current situation negotiate with Iran, because he needs to represent the force of Israel. But you can. You can reach out. Off cause it should be coordinated with Benyamin, but we have a man of peace in Israel, why can he not work for peace?

The deal we make in the end, is not really that important. It could be a shared territory where all the world powers share a peace keeping and dialogue oriented focus. Or something else.

But I know, that if you contact Putin, Francis, Rouhani, the King of Saudiarabia, the rabbis of Israel. They all be open to negotiation.

If you make a deal with them, you have won your peace.

G-d bless the purpose of Israel.

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