Peace process

The peace process is, as I have discussed below, not really going that well. It is partly my own fault, because I have focused too much on my own trouble, and not that much on international politics. I may be excused due to the fact, that the PET have tortured my daughter, and perhaps even tried to kill me. But these are the circumstances one has to live under, if you really want to change the world.

Now. I really hope Israel can play a more progressive role, in the sense, that we as a nation should take the initiate. So far the initiative has been Kerrys, but it is running into nothing, because, Kerry, with all respect plays the cards in the wrong turn. First we have to make peace with the real power players, then we can make peace on the ground.

So, please, if Israel reads this, perhaps we could move the process back on track.

What are we dealing with? We are dealing with a world that is changing its dynamics. Last century was all in the thralls of different kinds of totalianism; nazism, communism, fascism. The main motor was actually Nazism, that invented much of the methods still used today by, among other players; the EU. That is control by media, vilification, secret services run amok and so on.

The new era, is much more open and searching for its roots. Russia is a good example. Here Communism was very destructive, not on the fighting power of Russia, but on the internal ethics. Family, values, caring of the elderly, love. All these values were broken and is now, happily on the mend.

The same goes with the Catholic church and strangely enough also in Judaism and Islam. A search for the true values of religion.

Religion is based on the progress of the Middle East from around 3000 bc to around 500 AC. In this span of time the jewish prophets reigned, the Egyptian pharaoh, the Mycenean kings, the Hittite, the Persian, the Babylonian and so on.

Basically a huge leap forward for mankind.

Much have been lost, but again much can be rekindled and reinvented with the focus of true philosophers and prophets.

This is really the background of the peace process; a conservative reawakening, a search for the roots of spirit, a reawakening of G-d.

This is a common movement of most of the world; in Europe, in America, in Russia, in Egypt in Saudi arabia in Iran.

This is reflected in the power dealing everywhere; the old socialist systems that do not reinvent is doomed, and falling apart. Here in Denmark it is both the best and worst. Somehow we are the epicenter of this entire movement. On one hand there is the trends and the intellectual movement I am a part of. That is a reawakening of G-d and spirit. On the other hand there is the total meltdown of the current socialist government. They hate me, but this hinders a reconfiguration as Barack has done to the socialist movement in the US. As the Pope is doing in the Catholic church, as Putin is doing in Russia.

So, the point is; in the peace process. What we need to do, is to realize this process in Israel. This is why we should speak to the leaders of the world and the different schools of thought of religion, and offer them the prime prize of religion; peace.

The actual organization of the peace between not only states, but the true adherents and heirs to Jerusalem, should be discussed and the architecture should be very clear, in order to make it last for centuries or more. We have the chance now, all are in, we just need the leadership. Here Mr. Perez is the right man, backed up by me and Netanyahu.

G-d bless the peace we have to find.

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