There is a lot of discussion concerning the recognition of the so called Palestinian State. So far, I have not chipped in on the discussion, because, as I see it, the discussion ended after the fall of the Oslo peace accord. I mean, if you get handed a piece of land, and you promise to make peace, because you get that piece of land, and you do not make peace. Why should anyone think you would make peace if you get more rights over that piece of land?

Add to this the fact, that Gaza is, mostly, a proxy war, it does not make much sense to discuss with the Gazans. First you make peace with Egypt, then you make peace with Saudi-Arabia, then you make peace with Iran. Then you make peace with the Palestinians.

As of now, we are only one step away from making peace with the entire Middle East. That is making peace with Iran. I recognize the hazards in this, and I do know it is risky. But, as a Kabbalist, I believe that Israel is the tool of peace. This is why we are doing all the work we are doing.

Then it does not make much sense to me, that Europe is so adamant in using their small amount of international clout on the Palestinians. What about using it in some conflict where it is in the interest of Europe? Like the conflict in Libya or Ukraine.

I think it is because Europeans are clouded in their judgement of Israel. We do not, most of us, see it as it is; another little piece of Europe. The system is European, the history behind is European, it started because of the Holocaust, even the mindset is European in Israel. We have a Kibbutzsystem with socialist communal thinking, we have a booming IT sector, we have a secular army, we have a lot of discussion between a socialist and a conservative parliament. It is European!

Imagine if we transplanted Sweden and put it in the Middle East, what would Sweden end up in of problems? Exactly the same Israel is trying to cope with.

It is only if we see things as they are, that we are able to handle the conflicts we try to solve.

G-d bless Israel.

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