There is a violent storm brewing up in the horizon, and it is only if we really stay focused, that we will avoid shedding too much blood. In Ukraine, Poreshenko is threatening with the total disengagement of the two rebel republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. As I understand it, this includes cutting electricity and power. This will, in effect, leave the two republics in a very difficult situation.

It is a bait. It is all about baiting Russia into confrontation. A confrontation Russia has not wanted. But now it comes, and honestly, there is no reason why Ukraine plays hard ball. It is a frozen conflict, yes, but this escalation will lead to deeper resentment, between two peoples who are so much alike. It will be written in the history books as something terrible, and wounds are hard to heal.

In Europe, we should embrace for the impact. Be prepared. We should ask ourselves the question? How do we truly help in a very sad and devastating conflict? Where two cousins are very angry at each other. We should not, and this I think is extremely important, pour more gasoline on the pyre.

We should help, contribute with medicine, peace brokering efforts, try to see the conflict as it is.

It is not about the East and the West. It is about two very close cousins, who are afraid to release control over territory, because of the future implications of the conflicts. We should also stop seeing Putin as the big evil wolf. He is a conservative, he tries to protect his people, as he should.

It is time to help, and mediate, not confront or fan the flames.

G-d bless the will to be honest and humble in the face of this terrible conflict.

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