Jungs comment on the current world situation

October 10th, 2009

Many have wondered what to do in the current world crisis? A few days ago I attented a small seminar with the chairman of the Free Speech Society Mr. Lars Hedegaard. He has just released a very good book on the clash between the West and Islam. There is no doubt, it is a war, and we should start to realise it, otherwise we will loose. But what are the means, the tools in the toolbox for the defenders of the West? Well, that is the difficult point right now, please read through these reflections done by Jung on the issue. It is not aimed at Islam but at the communists, but the principles are the same.

“The West has unfortunately not yet woken up to the fact that our appeal to idealism and reason and other desireable virtues, delivered with so much enthusiasm, is mere bombination in the void. It is a puff of wind swept away in the storm of religious faith, however twisted this faith may appear to us. We are faced not with a situation that can be overcome by rational or moral arguments, but with an unleashing  of emotional forces ideas engendered by the spirit of the times; and these, as we know from experience, are not much influenced by rational reflection and still less by moral exhortation . It has been correctly realized in many quarters that the alexipharmic, the antidote, should in this case be an equally potent faith of a different and non-materialistic kind, and that the religious attitude grounded upon it would be the only effective defence against the danger of psychic infection. Unhappily, the little word “should”, which never fails to appear in this connection, points to a certain weakness, if not the absence of this desideratum. Not only does the West lack a uniform faith that could block the progress of a fanatical ideology, but as the father of Marxist philosophy, it makes use of exactly the same intellectual assumptions, the same arguments and aims.”

The Undiscovered Self (Present and Future), C.G. Jung, 1957

Here we have the outline of the conflict, and the explanation why it is so difficult to win . In the end, the winner is not the best armed part in matters of physical elements; gunships, atomic bombs, armies. No, the winner will be the part with the best faith, the best system.

This also explains the unique focus on Denmark from the rest of the western world. We are, here in Denmark, faithfull to the principles of the West. We do not bow to pressure when it comes to principles as freedom of speech. And we will not give up our democracy. So we end up being the international leaders of the spirit of the west.

Since I am the only philosopher in Denmark, involved in the defense of our society, it puts an enormous responsability on my frail shoulders. I carry, in reality, the future of the West in my hands. Maybe, if I stepped back, someone else would appear, but I doubt it, because he or she would already have appeared right now.

Therefor it is of an extreme importance that I keep my path clear of corruption, I should not by in anyones pocket.

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