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It has now been two weeks since I sent my note to the danish media. It is sad, but none has happened, well yes, a few lame excuses, but most did´nt even care to give a small notice back.

We are on the advent of another Holocaust. It is so very easy to realise if you put together the different factors of the current social development; the rise of Hamas here in Denmark, the open naziideology of Hamas, the tacit acceptance by the media of Hamas, often the direct support by the media. The conclusion is quite clear; it will be a situation were the jews will be prosecuted, killed, and forced to leave the country.

And the reversal of this process is so easy to make. All you have to do is to scrutinize the makings of Hamas. Listen to their plans, put them out in the open.

This is the voice of the media…:

No, we do not put the jews on the agenda! No no, we prefer to make the nice story about little Mohamad og little Basim, because they are so cute and they are good idols to all danes. And also Outlandish, ok they might not like democracy, they hate jews, but never mind, they are rebels, they fight for at better world.

Yes, there will be a day when we get rid of all the Triers, all the Metzes, all the Erann DD´s, all the Brandes, all the PH´s, all the Nathansons, all the Bob Dylans, all the Cohens. In fact getting rid of Leonard Cohen would really be a good thing, would´nt it? YES! I agree, that Halleluja song is so awful.

No, we prefer to have our children raped and robbed, actually when the jihadis burn a school, it gives such beautiful colours. It is expensive to rebuild the schools, but never mind, we can afford that, we are rich, we need to give of our bleeding hearts to all the miserable and poor existences in the world. So they kill jews and gays? Whatever, it does not matter, they are cute remember? When Basim dances, he is so charming and the masculinity of the rebellic Outlandish is also so enthralling. We prefer that. We prefer the muslim darkness to all the beauty and light of the jews.

And that annoying jew, telling us the truth all the time! We really did get him, did´nt we! It was all a matter of solidarity, we stood together, as one, repelling his critizism. If we had listened to him, perhaps we could have avoided the Holocaust, but luckily we had the nerve, the moral fiber, the ethical base to draw upon in this difficult question. Ok, he was stubborn, he put his life on stake, he was a philosopher, so he claimed. But no, anyway philosophy is something we do not like either, it´s just old words in boring books. Forget about Rousseau, Plato, Socrates, Kirkegaard, Grundtvig. No we prefer Hip Hop, they are so cool when they sing about raping women, we prefer that, that is the real cool ethical course of today.

We are the bright new generation, everthing is cool and suawe, we are the hippocrats, the mediatyrants, the corrupt, the stupid, the manipulated, and we LOVE it!

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