Danish renaissance

gunnarWhen I was a small kid my grandfather Gunnar Engberg had this mission with me, he always gave me texts to inspire. I had Skalk a historical magazine, I had different stories of ancient danish mythology; Stærkodder, Valdemar and other viking warriors. But there was this story, that was the most important; the cave allegory of Plato. The quest for the philosopher to bring truth and light into the end of the cave. This story has always been the guiding principle of my life. I remember when I reread it in the platonic dialogue; The state. It really hit me hard, it is the foundation of westerns society, we call it; folkenlightentment, glasnost, or just enlightentment.

My grandfather was a special character, he had his whole life wanted to work as a teacher in the danish Højskole, a speciel tradition of Denmark. Together with my grandmother Rigmor,  they really worked to enlighten the danish people and the soul of the danes. Now, I was chosen to work on that tradition, to make it into something that would work in the time I was brought up in.

After many years trying to escape this calling, I finally realized that I could do nothing else than respect my heritage and uphold the tradition of folk enlightentment.

I began as a rebel, after writing my first book, I joined the organization “Stop Islamization of Denmark”. Why? Obviously because anyone with half an eye could see that the fight between the west and the muslim east is the fight of today. I knew that if I went into the open, I would be killed. It was what happened in The Netherlands, here Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh was murdered by the media and the corrupt socialist in collaboration with radical muslims.

I knew, that the project was to save my country, but the media and the socialist elite was so much into despair that they would do things they would not do normally. It is really quite obvious what has happened to the socialist, they despaired because the socialist idea is slowly vanisihing. In fact it only survives in isolated pockets in western academia.

Now a threatened animal is dangerous, and it was. As in the Netherlands the socialist tried to kill the members of my organization Stop Islamization of Denmark. Why? I really hope it was just desperation, I personally know a lot of the people who did the deed. And they are not what you would describe as evil. But the act was evil. Killing Theo van Gogh and Pim Fortuyn was abhorrently evil, there is no excuse. And if they had managed to kill Anders Gravers and me, that would also just have been abhorrently evil.

Now, theory, especially political theory cannot really be put into specific boxes and be defined as seperate entities. There are just ground rules that are shared by all serious political theories. The most important rule is enlightentment. The search for truth. It is the same whether you are conservative, liberal, communist or a kalifatist.

This however is the rule that the western media have abandoned, and that is one of the reasons why the society is slowly disintegrating.

I thought, being the heir to one of the most respected universities (højskoler) of Denmark, that my task was to inspire the society with a beautiful example. To me, standing as the last in long line of great men and women, the example should be equally great. I had to rescue the entire country to be in line with my forefathers.

This is done now, Denmark has been saved. If not now, the seeds have been planted, they are there to blossom in another danish spring. There is a long winter ahead of us, but the soil is ripe with a renewed and yet more beautiful Denmark.

The critical point is over, and I hope that we do the same as they did in Russia, try to find our own roots again. Go back to Grundtvig, the højskole and all the beautiful thoughts of danish rennaissance.

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