The way of the viking

thorIn my philosophical tradition, the grundtvigian, we use a lot of energy on the bloodlines of the different folks around the world, and especially on the tribes we are part of. This tradition has been miscredited, with good reason, because of Nazigermany. Luckily the danish version of the folk/theoretical tradition was not antisemitic, antidemocratic, on the opposite it accepted the jews (my great grandfather who was a jew, was a pupil of Grundtvig) and it turned very democratic.

This is because the original traditions of the northern man, that is the tribes of Norway, the Goths (Sweden), the Danes, the Anglo Saxons, some of the german tribes were democratic before the catholic church started to control the free spirited warriors of north.

The system was called a “Freestate”. Every year the tall fighters would set sail and meet at thinge at Isøre. Here they would discuss subjecst, choose new kings, perhaps find a spouse, and they would fight out what fights that were upcoming, doing the Holmgang. Now it was not all free, there was something that was extremely binding, in the middle of the Allthing there would be an ornamented rock, it was called the lawstone. If you swore an oath on this stone, it was binding. We still have this saying in Denmark; “a man is man and a word is a word”.

In this way the society had both freedom and responsability. All members of society were free in the democratic process, but bound by the lore of the lawstone.

This way of the nothern tribes seem to me to be a reflection of some genetic code, or some archetype bound in the culture of these old tribes, because whenever the descendants of the tribes find themselves in a situation where they are free to follow their heart, they miracously reproduce that original society to some extent. Look at Texas, look at Denmark right now, look at the rebellion in England, it is all a fight for freedom. In our tribes we do not accept to be under the heel of any foreign power, and if they try to bind us, we will fight at all costs, even our lives, if that is the cost.

We prefer to die free than to live as slaves.

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