Justice, Israel and pythagoras

To win a war, we have to think in terms of justice. There are many ideas on the theory of justice, but there is one which is very simple and true. The theory of Pythagoras.

It goes like this; If you do some wrong in the value of six you have to repent by the value of four. The idea is, that five is the middle, zero the most extreme punishment and ten the most extreme violation of justice.

Now, when we look on the Middle east and the atrocities that has happened there, it is pretty difficult to make up a serious equation. So many deeds have been done on all parties.

But, we have to admit, that Israel has been, directly more involved in warfare with Iran than Iran with Israel. At least that is as how I can deduce. The liquidation of the iranian atomic physicist was one thing. Now Iran has tried, in vain to hit us in the embassy attacks, harming one person.

Now, we are still not in equilibrium, the Iranians have a taller death count than we do.

That is why we cannot attack now.

Another thing. In Iran elections are up in march. The worst thing we can do in that situation, is to attack Iran. It will quell all pro-Israel and democratic tendencies. I know people are disappointed with my insistence on the rights of people in the Middle East, but we most look upon the interests in other people before we go to action. And the action has to balance the action done to us. Otherwise we would be unjust, and that would tarry our image.

Israel is a beautiful and just kingdom/democracy, and it should be seen as that from the outside.

It is all a matter of balance according to Pythagoras, and we have to strike that balance.

I think it is a ruse by Ahmadinejad. He did not bait the americans to attack, so he is trying us.

Let him bait, and see where it gets him. He will, most probably have a war on his hands with the Arabs, and that is much worse for his propaganda, because he has pointed in our direction for so long.

G-d bless us all, in the name of justice

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