The American dream

When you talk politics in connection to economy, you have to dig down to the basics. What is the basics; the simple fact that politics is a production environment in terms of economy. Or rather, what we want to do as politicians, is to make sure, that people can and will produce things.

This is important, because the production produces things that we can use internally in the nation and sell to other nations.

Now, how can we ensure that the production keeps a steady flow for people to buy things, and use them in the personal as well as business use?

First of all, as all other parts of society, it is a matter of feeling well treated. It is an internal thing, or a rather human need of appreciation and love, basically. We all strive for the loving hands of others, if we do not get that feeling of appreciation, we will rebel a be unmotivated.

Let us have a look on the main philosopher of the production people; Ayn Rand. Some of her points I do not agree with, I do not agree with the family relationships and the gender role of man and woman; we need serious families to run our businesses.

I do however agree on one point; businesses contribute overwhelmingly to job creation, and perhaps more important; through innovation and skill they create the living for everybody, and they have been continuously refining the accommodation of man and lifted so much, much more that politics. Think about the mobile phone and how this has changed the living condition for the third world. So many miles are today not covered on ground, because you can send a text. Think about the beauty of the transportation giving the opportunity to see all parts of the earth, or the internet.

Most of these things have been created by engineers of a brilliant mind and a hardworking people. People who contribute without shouting about it, they just do it.

But, they are very angry, even though they do not say out loud, that they are not appreciated. That is the basic message of Ayn Rand. They feel taken for granted, as milking cows and are quite offended by the continuous vilification of their craft.

Now, a simple solution to that is, as I have proposed before, and I think has been introduced in America a simple system of thank you. Give them something back if they do what they basically wish to do; contribute to the local community or to the country as such.

Now, not all business are family owned and loyal to the local community, and off cause we cannot put the same expectation to them, but still if they contribute to the wellbeing of the people, they should have some amount of thank you.

When it comes to the more serious and long-term discussion of the subject. The ailing businesses are a larger symptom of a deeper crisis.

It goes like this; according to Polybius and Plato, the backside of the shining and glimmering coin of democracy is irresponsibility. Too much freedom makes people unwilling to work hard, be a good family member and support their countries.

Now to bring balance into this, we have the president, he is supposed to talk ethics, and give good virtue to the people of the land. He is supposed to embody virtue, and his acts should be to strengthen the ailing parts of the people, that needs ethical help.

This is why it is of an extreme importance, that the president tries to strengthen the virtue of the producing people of the nation. Give them incentive to stay in the country, to support the local community and help. Not just flag out, and move their businesses to other countries.

Now, why is the production the most vital business sector of a country? Because it is the sector that creates must jobs, and the sector that drives many of the other sectors; banking, service, education. On top of this it contributes a lot of money to the state through taxation, and thereby drives the administration and military.

It is the basis of a sound economy.

And when it comes to true political power in terms of military, it serves as the backbone of the armed services. It is due to a lead on technology that we are ahead of the others countries, that lead is due to our superior production facilities; better engineers, production mechanisms, scientists and so on.

When we the step back a little, it all comes into focus.

Because why are we better at production than other nations of comparison? Because we work harder in an environment of a free thinking. We strive, we invent new ideas, all the hippies create strange system of saving energy, the engineers work hard to make it into a big business.

Why do we do that? Because we stem from a protestant background.

What is that?

Well that goes all the way back to Luther. Luther was a monk, and the virtues of a monk was induced into the spiritual everyday life of the northern european kingdoms, and it still lingers.

Monks, they work hard, do not use any money, and the respect real knowledge.

So, all in all, as Weber says; it is because we believe that in a protestant country G-d is found in the hard labor for mankind. We work to reach for the celestial realm, and this is the basis of our wealth.

It is given to us, as a gift from spirit. But only if we keep up faith will it stay with us. That is the task of a leader in a protestant country in distress, give them faith again.

G-d bless the american dream

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