There is a lot of discussion in the US right now concerning guns and gun control. Let me clear about how law works. 

Law is something that you should feel in yourself. As Heraclitus mentions, it is the inner wall of the city. He claims that, you may breach the outer wall of a city, but if the the inner wall; law is a fortified and strong wall, the city will never be conquered. 

Take all these gunslinging morons who believe it to be their right to shoot people, often children. 

Do they have any respect for law? Do they have any respect for the fabric that strings us together? No, they have no respect for the great and justice seeking country they live in. 

There can be people who are just socially vulnerable and sick, so they go on a criminal rampage. But even though it is a socially made situation they are in. It still is not right. 

So to look at the root cause of all these killings. One should look to better education in law understanding. See how law is actually a good thing, something that binds people together. 

People break the law due to different motives, but they should not, and common ground politically is to try and enforce the acceptance of law as something good. A kind of rules that makes society run in a positive way. 

G-d bless the United States of America.

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