The European elite is creating the perfect breeding ground for radicalism and potential revolutions. 

Look at current mood around in many European countries. Greece, Italy, France. Great Britain just pulled itself out. 


Well, if you look at the French Revolution, there was a socialist priest at the time called Eliphas Levi. He wrote a pamphlet called Famine. Where he wanted to inform the elite of France about the famine in the country. The answer of Marie Antoinette was, why don’t they eat cakes?

In other words, she did not understand the need of the people to be able to eat. 

The same goes with the current elite. The need of the people to be secure in their countries is simply ignored by the elite, and as a consequence the system is breaking down. 

Needs are destiny. Politics is about serving the needs of the people. Not doing so will end up in a situation where the entire system will break down. That is called a revolution. 

What that revolution will be remains to be seen. I hope it will be a Democratic Revolution as in France. 

But there are signs of a National socialist revolution coming up. 

That will be truly devastating for Europe. 

So, perhaps being a bit more realistic about the ups and downs of politics would be a pretty smart idea.

G-d bless the will to be strong in faith of Democracy.

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