Taking a look on the long stretch, the legacy of your presidency, we need to look a little at what you have promised, and how you may obtain these goals.

First of all, you have promised relief to the middle class. Who are the middle class? Well they are the normal, hard working citizens who get up in the morning, go to work and come home at the evening to roast the turkey and have a nice evening with the kids.

There are many different jobs in the middle class, there are the social workers, the lawyers, the farmers and the workers.

Now, we cannot reach the farmers, they are living off the country, and nothing much has changed there the last hundred years. But we can reach the working class, the teachers and the other public employed people in the country.

How do we do that? Well the workers should be given jobs at different industrial complexes in the country. Be it Texas, Maryland, Chicago or the Midwest. How do we do that. By giving all the attention we can to the makers and breakers of industry. Preferably the leaders. Apple has shown the way already, by building the new super Mac in Texas. This trend should be amplified and helped in all possible ways.

This move serves two purposes, not only will it give the workers of the middle class some new jobs, it will also, and that is the long term goal; a comeback of America as a superpower. According to Kennedy, the rise and the fall of great powers are intricately interwoven with their industrial capacity. Industry is really the muscle of a country.

So in short term basis the middle class will win jobs, on long term basis, America will return from the abyss it has faced. Mind you, this is only the economic parameter. There are others as loyalty to the state and to the community.

Then the other parts of the middle class, here I think about the workers in the schools. Give them, or perhaps ask your beautiful wife to make a plan for the future generations of America. How they may prosper, how the system will give the kids a chance, and how the state will empower all who are impoverished.

With this you keep your core promises to the middle class, and you may reap the benefits of a serious legacy.

We love you 🙂 you just need to land the plan for the middle class. World peace is almost at hand, and then you did all you promised.

G-d bless United States of America.

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