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The power of the globe is changing from West to east From before the second world war to now, it has been my good friend United States of America who were the sole power monger of the world. Yes Russia was in an opposing role, but at the end of the game, America really were the most powerful.

This was because the weapons America had, put it in that position; an immensely strong media, an immensely strong military and a true democratic mission.

Now, all the basic strengths has become weaknesses. The all important media is not so important anymore after the advent of the internet. In a multipolar world, the military might is neither as important, and the democratic mission requires a hundred percent dedication to work.

So the balance has shifted to Russia. Now Russia is the most powerful. Why? Because basically it has learned a lot from the communist era, the lack of ethics, has shifted to a focus on ethics.

The destroyed working moral is slowly changing, and people start to work again.

This changes the game profoundly.

Where the West could put up demands before now it is Russia and its allies who are ready to put up demands on the West.

I remember many years back, when I was most desperate, my guardian angel told me. Do not worry, one day the Russians will be here.

So, my strategic focus has been on saving the world, and then let the Russians save me in the end.

How? Well, it seems to me obvious, that one of the demands Russia can and hopefully will pose, is an end to all the persecution of Jews here in Scandinavia. Rakel is just the top of the iceberg. Beneath it is a rapidly increasing desperate situation for Jews.

So Russia will and should charge Scandinavia with the responsibility to stop this situation, especially since the violence and Islamist extremancy will spill into Russia, if Scandinavia falls into Islamist hands

So the game has changed, and we have moved over the tipping point.

G-d bless the free and the courageous.

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