One of the things, that I have noticed in my life of late, is the fact that somehow my person has been entered into the celebrities of the world.

I have a lot of women hitting me on Facebook.

So, you know, that is fine and all. To have beautiful women hitting on one, is truly a privilege. But, there is a deeper truth to what is happening, that I think is really positive.

We have just been through a Meetoo movement, where the trenches were dug deeper inbetween man and woman. This thing that is happening now, is a step in the other direction. Dont get me wrong, I am very dedicated to my ideals, and the girl I have found. I am with her. It’s just that, I can see, that it creates a trend, that is truly positive.

Men do not seem to have picked up on it yet. But when they do, we will have a world, where Meetoo and gender wars will be supplanted with knights in shining armor and princesses of beauty and strength.

I believe in equality. A harmonious relationship can only come through equal means.

So essentially the platonic romanticism that I believe in, is a new way of finding relations and love.

It goes beyond the fights we have, and creates a path that does not cater to either of the old ways of either patriarchy or matriarchy but finds true balance and deep, sound emotions.

These days it is either on the premises of the man, or on the premises of the woman. It can be different, we can be harmonious, loved, cared for, have a friend for life, fight together.

That is the path I present. It is actually Platos ideas, and they are as sound and life giving today, as they were when he wrote them, not to mention, incredibly beautiful and wonderful.

We get to live a life of romance, instead of this fighting all the time.

G-d bless the romance we can find, if we do Plato, real Plato.

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