1471397803450I have been working a lot with magic. Yes, I know, that is wrong, and you should not be dabbling with such infamous things Asger!

But, as a rational person, I have been taking another angle on magic than other, I think.

Psychology is basically also magic. It was invented by Jung and Freud, and even though Freud was very keen on making psychology within the bounds of academic lore, you can easily see on Jungs ideas, that he was heavily drinking from all kinds of strange sources. Freud was quite open on the relationship with ancient Egypt and psychology, and if there is one ancient civilisation that was souped up in magic, it was Egypt.

Often things occult end up in academic mainstream in another name, as alchemy that ended up as chemistry, and so on.

The greatest academics often happens to be the greatest magicians, as Newton for example.

Working a lot with magic, I have made some basic realisations. First of all, magic is a way to enhance your own psychological capabilities. Freud and Jung mostly took the analytical road, but magic is often about creating means to strengthen your own soul.

In this work, I have come to realise the strength of magic, and also the potential for manipulation. You can manipulate with other people, so as a magician, you need to have a very high level of ethics to be trusted.

The reason why I bring this up, is because the Nazis must have been using magic. Göebbles, the propaganda genius used methods known in magic, and it did create a very efficient, though totally immoral system. A system that was inherited by the Soviets and then by the E.U.

In the bottom I will a link to the secretary of Göebbels, that hints to truth of my observation.

In that sense, we have, in the European civilisation been trapped in a dark magical world, where the tools of statecraft was to manipulate with the voters or populace, and not meet their demands and needs.

In a sense the French revolution is the antitheses to the nazi reign. There were some occultist influencing the French revolution, and hence also the US, but they were mainly focused on all the positive virtues of spirituality, enlightenment, humanism, and so on.

But my point is, there is a war between light and darkness, that has been going for a long time. We need to support the light bringers, the humanistic belief in truth as a motor for development, not manipulation. Take our own medicine, and be true to ourselves and the world.

G-d bless the light bringers.

Link to the story of Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary of Göebbels.

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