Doing good

What we are now witnessing in the US election is a ripening of a conclusive stride that mr. Barack Obama initiated in his tenure as president. Rather what we are seeing, is absolutely new ideas creating new opportunities for the wellbeing of the citizens of the US.

If we zoom out a bit, and look at the tools of statecraft, we can see, that most of them are a bit old. Not that old ideas are inherently bad, but ideas must adjust to new realities.

One of the basic premises of the new interconnected world is the connectedness through the internet.

This is a premise that is new, and has changed politics as well as international strategy upside down. Basically because it has changed the way we can do war. In the old times one said that the first victim of a war was the truth. Today this is no longer true. There is internet fact checking on many levels of our society now.

So this calls for a much more moral way of doing politics. Because if you do something bad, people will eventually know.

This is the best medication we could have had in such a precarious moment of our development, where moral decay is the true problem.

So, we need to address the question; how do our democracy tackle this? There has been a number of answers to this, first and foremost I believe that the tenure of mr. Obama is the true answer to that. That is a presidency steeped in morality and honour. There are no lies coming out of the mouth of the president, and that is how a president should behave.

The answer to the problem of moral decay is not a simple one, it is actually an individual one. Each individual citizen must come up with and answer based on their worldview. Do you believe in protecting minorities? Do you believe in a patriotic defense? Do you believe in a liberal world for speech? Do you believe in a patriotic production environment? Do you believe in supporting your local community? Do you believe in family? Do you believe in transparency?

We all believe in something different, and that is ok, each do we have our role to play in the world. The thing is just, we need to have faith.

That is what this all about, having faith in our part of the mechanics. Doing good for children, elderly, family, business, chuch, civil rights.

Doing good, is the basic answer to the predicament we are in.

G-d bless the will of the creator.

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