The big picture around the small

istock_000013700029small1The elections process is going ok, but there is a problem with the rumours of sickness. If these are true, we have a serious problem. This no amount of spin can truly alleviate that.

If you work in politics, you do it because you want to make a better world. Most are flawed to some degree, but all who go into politics have some ideas on how to make a better world.

This is one of the true strengths of democracy, ideally it is driven by the best men or women in their interest of good.

Often it is flawed or corrupted, but at the end of the day, it is the best system, period.

So a politician needs to think about what really drives them in politics. What is it that makes them politicians basically. This is the true drive of politics.

I believe ms. Clinton has something about children, right? I know how it is, I have been working with children for a long time now. Recently with a sick child, that I work as the caretaker for. Hard work, but a giving work.

In my experience, working with children is as much working with the families of the children. If you have a child that is sick, often the family is also not functioning. The same goes for the village they live in. If it is a good village, chances are, the children are more healthy.

So at the end of the day, making a positive frame for our children is off cause thinking about schooling and health insurance and so on. But it is also about thinking about the community they live in. Is it healthy, is it good. If it is not good, then how do we come about turning it around to be a good community. Often this is the work of the local parish, or other good people.

Hard but giving work. Ideally, the community is held together by a common work ethics, and a good amount of help to those who needs it.

But if you zoom out a bit, you can see, that the village is a part of something greater. It is a city in a county, that is a county in a state, that is a state in the nation.

Everything is interconnected. So you cannot just go into a family and help this or that child, without remembering the frame around them.

See, where I am going? In order to serve the tinniest little wheel in our societal machine, that is the child, the machine itself needs to work.

That is why, looking at the health of the children is a good indication of how the general trends of the society is, because they are the most vulnerable and impressionable.

With this downside up way of looking at society, all what we do makes sense. Because why do we make better schools? To have a better education for our children. Why do we support our democratic institutions? Because ultimately, our children are the ones who pay if they do not work. Why do we have a powerful army, ultimately so that our kids are safe.

This is a viable angle on politics, if you can see the big picture around the small.

G-d bless the will to protect at support our families, with all our children in them.

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