New moves

Well, now we have successfully got over the start of the election. Things are looking quite good, and it seems to me, that the Democratic contender is in a good mood. What started as a race with little content has begun taking shape, with both new ideas and also more depth in the why and how.

If we take a look ahead, on the next four years of government, a lot of pivotal fights are ahead of us. Most importantly the fight over the Chinese seas, and the production capacity that they have taken away from us.

This challenge is quite difficult, and we have to understand, that being an adamant enemy to mr. Putin, will give us a two sides war that we cannot afford.

At the other hand, diplomacy and understanding with mr. Putin is possible. He is a European after all, and at the end of the day, what motivates him, motivates us. We all strive for a betterment of our countries, and antagonism between states that are extremely powerful is really dangerous. This off cause does not mean we should forget our allies, but it does mean, that we should try and keep as much peace in Eastern Europe as possible. There are other wars that are quite a bit more important.

The war with China is dangerous, because they are capable of hitting targets in the US. So we should think a lot about the outcome of the war, and how we should do it. It will come in some form now, that seems to be the case. But how will we do it?

Then there are all the internal projects we can do when and if we get the power. Here I think we should think most about the little things. Education, infrastructure, tinkering with the security system to optimise it and make it better and more just. This off cause has to go hand in hand with creating more jobs, strengthening the production capacity and so on. Little but important steps.

What is very important, is that we end the gridlock of power in the senate, so that the projects we do have some traction. The war with China is a no-brainer, everybody will support that. The support of our home base production is a no brainer. But still, it has to be done, so that people can see a huge difference in their livelihood.

It can be done.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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