The light and the darkness

George_Soros_-_Festival_Economia_2012_02I have been thinking a lot about George Soros these last few months. There are a lot rumours about him, but after the leak by a lot of emails, it seems to me, that it is right, that he is funding a lot of basically destructive leftist projects.

I have been thinking a lot about this, because when I read about the story of mr. Soros, I just, immediately liked the man. He seems to be a man of great conviction, he has as a bit of the same background as I have had. He is a Jew, and has had some devastating experiences in the second world war. He has these experiences, that he sees as his motives to change the world to a better place.

He describes his method as a strange one, he talks about looking into the darkness and seeing something in there. He learned this in his years as a persecuted Jew in Hungary.

Well, I have the same urge to do something about persecution, finding the bad guys, pinning them out and trying to make people see what they are really doing. But at the end of the day, I do stand on some very different opinions than mr. Soros. I do support the nation, I support all who are persecuted being white, black, gays, Christians, Jews, Muslims. I have no prejudice.

I think I have kind of made out what really is the basic difference of how we see the world. While mr. Soros tries to confront the darkness, I try to pull people up in the light.

I believe, that there is a sense of goodness in all people. And changing the world is to find that piece of good, and make people see it themselves.

I have a long history going back in time working with conservatives of all kind here in Europe. When I started they were absolutely depressed. After some years, they are finding themselves in a position of development and progress. Why? Because I believe, that I have confronted the negative parts of the conservative political baggage and changed it into a positive political development. Where it before was anti this and that, it is now for a lot of things. This being openly Jew.

Now, according to Plato, what a philosopher must do, is to put light into the end of the cave. This being an arduous task.

I believe in the light, and I believe that darkness should not be met with darkness. It should be met with light.

G-d bless the light of the creator.

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