It is with the utmost horror that I hear about the terror attack in Manchester. The unspeakable atrocities done there, and I do condemn them with all there is of any shred of decency in my soul. There is no excuse for killing innocent children. And we need to buckle up, shed the illusions and get ready for another round in the ring with an abomination of an enemy. 

One could say, that this is our own fault. Multiculturalism has led us to this position, where we end up with kids dying on our doorsteps. The moral relativism of multiculturalism gives us a true moral hangover. 

We need to realize, that there is a difference between cultures. Some are better than other. By accepting the moral stance of multiculturalism, that all cultures are equal. We have effectively closed our eyes for the atrocities done in cultures that we are supposed to be on par with. There is a difference, and this is written in blood all over the stadium on Manchester. 

We need to wake up from the slumber, and realize that there is a vile, destructive enemy living within our own house, that is rearing its head, and using all the tools in the toolbox to subdue us. 

The world has become like a village, what happens in Iraq will happen in Denmark, the UK or Germany if we are not vigilant and careful. 

When it comes to the political intent of the terrorists, it seems pretty clear to me, if the news of ISIS going ballistic about the attack and celebrating. That the Wests fight with ISIS is not confined to the Middle East, but is everywhere, especially in our own countries. 

We are at war, in our own countries, due to the sick relativism of multiculturalism. 

We need to do something effective about it. Unravel the networks of the mosques that is linked to any kind of ISIS activity, or any other kind of proislamists activity, and put these guys either in jail, or on a boat to somewhere they will do no harm. We can easily find an island in or around Greenland where they will have to cope with the harsh environment on their own. I mean it, this is war, and we have to be strong and humane. 

But we need to start acting. 

G-d bless the will to be strong and decisive in the face of evil. 

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