Never surrender!

In the face of the Manchester attack, there is a bit of soul searching for all of Britain. And a bit of waking up. 

In its essence, this is a philosophical discussion on the how’s and what’s of the conflict. It is really quite simple, if you look at it from outside. You were attacked by ISIS, the Islamic Caliphate, and you were therefor attacked by an enemy of Democracy. 

The entire fight in the Middle East has been singling out the ISIS connections and fighting it. 

Add to this a certain humanitarian revulsion against such hypocrites that have no regard for any human life. Be it the Yazidi girls or, in this case schoolgirls. We have the moral basis of our fight right in front of us. 

We fight for freedom and Democracy against the Caliphate. 

So when we speak about our values, these are the values we fight for. Democracy, rule of law, freedom, justice, humanity. Against the theocratic malevolence of the Islamic state fighters. 

This basis serves as a basis under NATO and under the whole anti ISIS league. 

So, the moral basis is clear. What we need to address is, what do we do about it. 

Here we have to be honest about the range and the depth of the Islamic State infiltration of Western Europe. 

It is a lot of people, and not tackling it, will lead to bloodshed. 

It is not enough with passive measures, we need to go on the offensive. 

Operation Tempest should be about more than protecting, and should be about rooting out the network of the islamists, and shutting it down. 

Or rather, this is where we are heading, we should be realistic about it. It will come sooner or later. 

It is devastating, but it is the result of too many years under multicultural dominance. 

I am not saying we should not be humane, we should, but we should stand up for our own values, and defend them. 

This is the call of Oxford, or at least the call of the Oxford reserve called Vallekilde, my families school.

Shed the veil, accept that there is a mournful fight ahead of us, and it will be brutal, but the alternative is the end of Great Britain and the British people, and that would be even more devastating. 


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