Middle East

The Middle East is in a true danger of refalling Into chaos. ISIS, or the collaborator of Al-Queda, have gained power in the wake of the destruction of the Muslim brotherhood. What did not succeed in Egypt is retried in and around Iraq and Syria. This new country would be an enemy of almost all other forces in the the world. So itnaturally creates a lot of fuss, and will be met with extreme political as well and physical opposition.

Well, I do not like Al-Queda, and I certainly do not like the Muslim brotherhood, they do not understand the true nature of spirit, and the inter fighting as the only way is the way of Satan There is no doubt about that, on the other hand these people are desperate. So I understand their actions in a the light of selfpreservation.

If you challenge the world, and fallaciously believe, that you can conquer all, and you really try this. You are both arrogant and absolutely unrealistic. All that has been accomplished by the grand designs of the Muslim Brotherhood is bad rep. for Muslims in the world, total destruction of all their many branches, and a legacy that will carry itself many years into the future.

You have to be humble, and help other people to survive and prosper. Because when we came from spirit, we were all one.

But the peace process at large is not really stopped, it is stalled. John Kerry, unfortunately, really got things mixed up, but it seems to me, that mr. Barack Obama, is back at the helm. Must be terrible to both have run an election and worry about the peace process.

It seems to me, though, that it has helped. The solution of the Ukraine conflict is getting more and more probable as the days go by, thank spirit for that, and if this conflict is solved, we can move on to the Middle East theatre, and hopefully progress along the lines we started out with.

A lot of goodwill and the realitionship between east and west has been hurt, but not all has been lost, so, if we are lucky, the peace process can proceed.

We will have to see, and if, G-d willing, the process moves on, hopefully it will be in course of peace.

G-d bless the will to understand and bridge differences.

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