Harry Potter

imageCulture often, unconsciously reflect the conflicts of society, if the discussions are difficult, art has to be very subtle to touch upon the conflicts. I love Harry Potter, call it the identification with the courageous nerd with naught but magic at his disposal. Call it the veneration for the mystical parts of life. I do not know, but yet, I think I have had a clue. What is it really Harry Potter is about? Is it the English school system? Yes to some extent, but the English school system is just a part of the score. Is it the psychological development of young people? Again this is just a side plot. No the real conflict, is the creeping decay, of evil entering, unseen and extremely difficult to fight. How the good guys; the ancient lore and wisdom of the great and wise scholars are put against terror and intelligent lurking deceit.

It is about the stakes, how we are fighting a battle with a learning child at one side, and an ancient devil at the other side. The odds are definitely not in the favor of the good side. How the good knights and fairies are falling away as the young hero faces one standoff after the other.

It is about the core of England, fighting this vicious fight, not just in fiction, but in life. The corruption that seeps in everywhere, the fatigue. Evil creeping in over the boundaries. The stakes that are in favor of evil, and not in favor of good.

The same players are basically fighting in real life, and let me give you an example. Who are really the representatives creeping over the borders? It is the EU administration, that does not love England, but does all it can to ruin it, by deceit. This feeling is recognized by all, but it is difficult to truly define, because it is so elusive. Then there are many in England, who do not respect the law, and do terrible, terrible things. These are also the handmaidens of evil; honour killings, Islamists, thieves and robbers. It is not about race, but not to realize the depth of trouble England is in right now, would be not to recognize the challenges England is in.

But confronting evil will only work, if you yourself fight for something good, and with the most humane means.

I remember when the beautiful writer Oriana Fallaci started writing about radical Islam. Oriana is, I suppose, the greates liberal female hero of the 20′ th century a Garibaldi of our parents generation.

She was in no doubt, and she said it to our faces. This required a lot of courage, but even better, to me. Is the fact, that what she fought for was not another fascist state, she fought for democracy, freedom, love. So to me, she kept exactly the right balance. In the Netherlands this was repeated by Theo Van Gogh, Pim Fortuyn and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ayaan, being a reflection of Oriana.

What has this to do with Harry Potter? Well the point is, they ARE the Harry Potters of our time. Fighting for something good, in opposition to a danger unbeknown by most.

Then many Muslims will raise their eyebrow, and ask why they, who also fight for the same ideals are deemed evil? Well the simple answer is; if ally yourself with evil, as many of the Muslims have done in Europe, you yourself are corrupted. As for instance the Muslim brotherhood have done.

There is a vast conspiracy that tries to take away the freedom and the simple human dignity from all Europeans, but England, with its tradition for scepticism, is in fact in the forefront in the unraveling of this conspiracy.

My basic point is, to win the battle that J.K. Rawlings illustrated in his series about Harry Potter, we have to fight in balance. This is really the strategy, as I see it. As Oriana Fallaci; fighting for the nations, but in a soft way in the sense of values. Being just as humanistic as she was, and always carry the torch of light in front of us. It is not a bout racism or hate. It is about facing the evil in our world and in ourselves. Corageously facing the true evil, in the interest of peace.

This balance is basically what we have been trying to find ever since Oriana fueled our hearts with fighting spirit, and the path we will have to continue trodding until, finally we will bend the neck of the vile Voldemort.

G-d bless the spirit of light and true love in our hearts.

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