Helle Thorning

Par7738792-1024x681_806113aThere are some who discuss the possibility of the current PM of Denmark Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt as a leading figure in the European Union.

I strongly advice Ms. Merkel and David Cameron not to use her. In Israel she is known for at very violent procedure in connection with the handling of little Rakel. That is jewish persecution. She is extremely unpopular, and in fact extremely unskilled when it comes to leadership.

I know that Mr. Martin Schulz is not that popular in Germany among conservatives, but at least he is not a antisemite, and he is extremely skilled. He is also a Socialdemocrat as Helle Thorning.

The worst problem with Helle Thorning however, is the problem that she always makes a mess of herself when she is in international arenas, as she did when she made the impromptu “selfie picture” with David Cameron and Barack Obama.

If the aim is to find a candidate that will bridge the gap between north and south, I must truly recommend Mr. Anders Fogh, who is exstremely skilled, a liberal/conservative, has done a very good job as secretary of NATO, and has the backbone of a true fighter. Not to mention a kind heart behind the cool facade.

G-d bless the will to find the true candidate.

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