OxfordWhen I was in England the first time, I was around thirteen. It was at the height of the punk movement, so I was open mouthed looking at strange men with mohawks and brutal Dr. Martens boots.

Now, having a thing for Anglo Saxon writers at large; Joseph Conrad, sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Walter Scott, and having the feeling that I have a special connection with England. I am happy to have been invited to a symposium in Oxford.

You know, I have always liked the university feeling or spirit, the spartan ethics, the mass, where all students convene with the teachers. The chivalry and the feeling that behind the veils, a deeper understanding of things are apparent.

My contribution to the symposium, will revolve around the understanding of G-d. What G-d is, how we may understand our world in his image, the process of birth and dying. The solidarity of man, and why we as people are willing, nay forced to recognize the birth of our souls as a token of G-d.

I look forward to come to Oxford!

Link to internet page of Symposium: http://www.oxfordsymposiumonreligiousstudies.com

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