Mr Trump

I have been pretty reluctant to guide mr. Trump, but the world is falling apart, and I need to try and help. The consequences are too dire, we are looking at a possible war with Russia and China combined. The US cannot sustain that. Add to that a rise of IS in Europe, you can imagine the problems of that.

I know, that I was a central advisor for Obama, but we need me in the game again. Otherwise the dangers are too large.

First of all Mr. Trump. You need to get the connection between you and the media all right. There has been a lot of infighting, and that is ok, but the shifting of press secretaries is not good.

My best advise is; do it yourself.

You are so media savvy, that you can easily do it. No problem.

As for Twitter memes, that is just ok. Good to have your own little method to reach the public.

Secondly. You need to get things going with Mr. Putin. I know this is difficult, but look at it this way. If and when the showdown comes with China, you need to be friends with Mr. Putin.

How do you obtain that; you push back on all those infringements and so on that is made in the congress against Mr. Putin. Make it a major point of your presidency.

Thirdly. Make arrangements with India. They are actually on our side, so when we get to the war, WE can be the ones who box in China on two sides.

We should not underestimate China, but we should not overestimate them either.

So there will be a dance around the golden calf in China, and we need to be on top of it.

Luckily the Brits are coming round, just before the show starts. Good for us. Especially if they are able and willing to support us in the war. The Brits have some sophisticated weaponry, and are really good fighters.

But, you need to push back in congress against all that is anti Putin, to make Mr. Putin feel that he has a man in the White house that has his back. He needs to feel that, otherwise he will be angry, and angry Russians are a pretty scary sight.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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