Well, we are witnessing the great triumph of Zionism these days. We have accomplished peace in the Middle East, more or less. We have made Israel a vehicle for progress, and Israel is at the brink of rebuilding the third temple.

Imagine that, all thanks to the amazing presidentship of Mr. Barack Obama, and his humble servant Asger.

At such a momentous moment, it is perhaps time to look a little back in time, and discuss a bit where Zionism came from, how it evolved and ultimately has triumphed, in a positive sense.

Denmark had a pretty prominent role in the development. Mr. George Brandes was a Danish philosopher who was leading in his time, and supported the project and through him a lot of the humanistic ballast that Mr. Herzl realized was induced into the Zionist idea.

Over time, the Danish angle has been for good or worse. We must admit that the Oslo accords failed. It was, among others, driven by Mr. Herbert Pundik, another Danish humanist. But the Brandes way ultimately succeeded with the work Barack and I did.

The success can also be seen in the support that Israel enjoys by Jews around the world. Very few Jews is against. Off cause we disagree, but the need for a strong Israel is felt by all Jews. If we succeed in building the temple, I think the gamble was right.

Thus Zionism lives and continues to work despite all the dangers that it meets. It is a brilliant success among so many catastrophes, lately the Shoa, the Holocaust. We can maintain that success for eternity, if we hold onto the faith that Mr. Herzl and Brandes prophesied.

That of a nation state made for the Jews. A home all Jews could reach, a home that would put great barriers between the Jews and all who wish to destroy the Jews. A home in Jerusalem.

Not only that, but also a state that could bring light and joy to those around it. Support the great ancient cultures that it is embedded in.

Perhaps realize the ancient dream of a rebounded Middle East.

That is truly a feat done by Mr. Barack Obama, and I truly hope that he gets the credit for it.

G-d bless the will to repeat the great work of Herzl and Brandes in these times as well.

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