There are many things that seem to change in this world; how we see the conflicts, the situation in and around Israel, global peacemaking, the role of religion. There is however one thing that seems to be put in stone. That the very philosopher who is, by now, leading, intellectually, the confrontation between the democratic world and the islamists, is prone for ridicule and suspicion.

After mr. Barack Obama has waved the flag of sanctions of Denmark and other coalition countries that does not get their own house in order. Well what has happened? That is easy to say; absolutely nothing. A few words here and there, but on the ground absolutely nothing has changed. The support to the IS soldiers are still in effect, my isolation and the closed doors for any kind of public appearance is in effect. So both the on ground supposedly actions to be taken has not come into action, and the vilification of the democratic intellectuals remain the same.

Do the officials understand absolutely nothing? Are they deaf? Do they just think that ignoring the problems will make it go away.

One of my acquaintances posted a story on Facebook about an unprovoked attack on a young man by some who looked like islamists in broad daylight. This is what IS has threatened with, and yet no reaction from the authorities.

Are they without any kind of remorse or empathy with the citizens they put in harms way by choosing not to act?

Beats me, but I think it is about time we move from playing around, and actually doing something about it.

G-d bless the will to remain faithfull in the face of absolute neglect.

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