New conservatism

gvttttIt seems to me, a kind of a “New conservatism” has begun to emerge. As we have left the Thatcherian concepts of solely free market, and the fight against Communism, we are now entering a phase of a more balanced Smithsonian economic philosophy, where national production is balanced with free market theory. This in practice strengthens the economic base of the nation, as well as secures a flow of products worldwide. To support and secure this system however, we still need to have a look on economies that cheats at the weight by copying our products and our military secrets. In order to make a fair and level playing ground, R&D should be protected and support the nation it is produced in, otherwise it makes the entire structure lopsided. In order to have a Smithsonian system up and running, we need the law to function in all the nations participating. As a consequence, certain nations has to be cut off the system, unless these nations start playing on the same field as everybody else.

Looking at the fight against islamism. We can see, that this challenge is almost tearing at least Europe apart. Islamism has got a firm hold in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Berlin and many other European cities. Added to the problem with a huge influx of migrants that seem to marry the ideas when they come to the new country, instead of embracing democracy and free speech, we have a problem indeed. A problem that needs tackling with the armed wing of the state. That is the fact of the day.

As a strange mix of events, the events have mixed jihadi ideals with cold war methods. So they are BOTH waging war on the street, taking war booty and other archaic ideas, AND infiltrating cultural life. This creates a strange situation where musicians, that is islamist singers like Jihadi John are entering IS. Strange indeed. But we need to remember, that this advesary is not stupid, and it is all new. So we need to rethink our strategies.

At the end, it all comes down to that Oxfordian spirit. That, dugged, stubborn, self-sacrificing continuation of the fight against the dark lord. Because at the end of the day, that is what we are fighting. The dark lord and his evil minions, happy to divulge in rape and cutting off heads as he grins his lopsided grin.

That and then our own darkness, as people seem to wish to hide his crime. As this is apparent, we realize what we are; we are the fighters of light, in the service of spirit.

G-d bless the will of the creator, as he guides us to confront that of his advisories.

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