We are back!

BHtA7wYx9u52I remember, I had this dream before the last Gazan war. It was terrible, in short it was a nigthmare about the fall of the West. At that time, Israel was not, except for mr. Netanyahu, cognizable about the threat the last Gazan war was to the entire West, it was a turning point. We won, this is now clear. Ok, there is still a threat, but basically with the advent of IS, it has disappeared. Hamas is not longer a threat to Israel, because IS eclipses it. In this way, there is actually peace with Gaza. We did it. The strategy to pull out as IS was on the rise, sacrificed the immediate victory, but gained the long term goal; to make peace.

There is still the threat of Iran, I realize, that it is not over. And I do not know whether there is any substance to the claims that they are fooling us, but until the opposite is proved, we must believe that they actually wish to join the international opposition to IS, and give Islam another face and content than what IS wish it to have.

Now these are macrostrategic considerations, that seem to fall on deaf ears in Israel. I understand, the feeling of being surrounded and always have to be on the alert for more or less three thousand years, if not more, is a bitch, if you will excuse my language.

Now, looking at Europe, my machinations are almost bearing fruit. I know it seems a little sinister to be so strategic, but to fight evil, you have to be strategic, because he is. You have to be steadfast and honest, look through his schemes and develop long term strategic plans.

One of the goals was to build an alternative to the EU, because it was doomed to fall. I did not know how it would be, but it seems to me, that it is a more loose federation. I think most Europeans like the free market and collaboration on different areas, but the straightjacket it has become is alienating many, if not all Europeans. The alliance with the Islamists, is not a good idea either.

From Greece to the UK, the opposition is now so strong, that things have to change. As Germany is also enveloped in pressure from the grassroots, at least Schengen have to go. The EU has to face this, the rampant violence and chaos it has resulted in, will tear entire Europe down. It has to stop immediately.

Then there is a development that I did not really anticipate, but now is coming to bears as well. If Europe is healthy, and progressing, it will pull the former colonies with it. This is not a arrogant perspective, I have sacrificed myself for the US and also I have had a good impact, through the current pope of South America. But as we, in Europe somehow get our bearings again, the positive ideas are sucked up and used not only by Europe, but also of all of those who we gave birth to. And, as I see it, giving something who are like you, is not such a bad thing after all.

But back to Europe, the UK is on a good path. As mr. Cameron will strengthen his grip of the state, the positive intellectual development will strengthen not only the UK, but also the Commonwealth at large. It will be a strengthening that will bring the former empire closer to unification again. Not as a reborn empire, but as a more loose cultural liga. But a liga that will be armed with both ideas and military forces. The difficult problem for the UK, will be to play a more humble role. But, as Russia, which is the other European huge colony really, it will have to play its card with wisdom. That is why you need me in Oxford, to help develop a new philosophy a strategy for this new liga.

There are some pretty obvious problems we have to solve first, off cause the migration crisis is nearing its breaking point, we are heading for a civil war, if we do not do something fast and effective. Forget about the EU, it cannot solve the problems, it has to be solved on a national level.

I will adress this in a forthnight, and have already done some research on it, so I have some ideas, that may save the day.

But look at this way; it is ROCK!

WE ARE BACK, and we are feeling just good about it, thank you ACDC.

G-d bless you all, as we strive for at humanistic and diplomatic solution.

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