Below as above

I think I know why Meno was such an excellent choice for a renewed discussion of what family really is. It is because it still young in its conception. Plato was in his early works very much influenced by Socrates, and yet not so young again in Meno. So the frame of the more mature Plato shines through in a lot of the principles and ideas of Meno.

If you want to have your mental health restored, reading Plato is always a good way to do it. I kind of puts things in perspective, and you get a grip of what is right and wrong. Add to this the ever present spirit of Socrates, that is a humble genius, that had the ability to look at things afresh, and always with interest.

I have pondered a bit on with Meno, and actually finished the dialogue, and several things can be taken from this eminently inspiring text.

Plato claims, that virtue is knowledge. We talk about the seven deadly sins and the seven heavenly virtues. But the fact that there is knowledge in each of the principles, we should always remember. A virtue is not a formal principle, it is a everchanging principle that will change according to the situation. In each family, the principle off cause hold some basic lore, but each of us must find our own path.

Finding the content of the virtues is however where the church can help. Take courage. What is it to be courageous in a family? What is it to be faithfull? What is it to be honest? What is it to be loyal? What is it to show solidarity?

The pick and choose among the virtues is an important work, and one that good pastors can do. It also offers true value to all the broken families, as well as the good ones.

It however reflects back on the church, because, we cannot advice people to be honest and true, if we are not that ourselves. It is actually not easy, but will demand faith and work.

Plato ends up saying that you can have science, that is rigorously analyzed knowledge, and you can have good opinion. That is poets and leaders just know what to do, but cannot tell why they do it. That is the difference between theory and practice.

To advice families, and to help them find a beautiful path, they need to do things, that is practice, but we only have theory. So we need to mix these two things. Look a best practices, but at the other hand, apply theory. There is a lot of interesting work to be done at the universities, to bolster and support a good development for all who are in trouble and need our support.

Look at it this way; the family as in institution has been without much support in many years, as it gets more and more support, from beneath we will build the realm of G-d. In each little unity we will try and spread the love of spirit and create a little world, as we came from.

Below as above.

G-d bless the wisdom of Plato.

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