New ideas

When I started my “career” or whatever you call it as a philosopher, I did it, as all philosophers should in a rebellion against the current order.

My mom and dad were flower power children, and honestly, there were a lot to change.

The cultural marxist ideas that my parents wanted and believed in, were the anathema to my ideas. Where they wanted barren state-control, I wanted national sovereignty. Where they wanted the state to be my family, I wanted my own family.

Do not get me wrong, It is not all of socialism that is wrong, but a lot of the central ideas are.

As time changed, I all of a sudden found myself at the top of the pyramid. I called the shots, and the rebellion that I wanted too soon changed into an elite progress. OK, I loved every second of it, and the Change that Barack and I brought was cherished by most intellectuals and people around the world.

But one place was all not really into my ideas, the European Union. In fact they clung to the first phase of my development, and kept seeing me as a rebel rouser and a threat to the current social order. Well, honestly I were. But I believe that a lot of the European countries around Denmark really failed to see my development.

Anyway, the content of my ideas have always been the same. It is a mid leaning conservatism. I have nothing against animal rights, the care of the nature. I believe feminism has its role to play, and so on.

In Europe however, the first phase of my rebellion kept fighting its way through the fog of war, and has created new beasts as AfD, Front national, Lega Nord and so on. Centre leaning conservatisms with a new angle on politics.

I know that many of these parties are feared in the parliaments around Europe, but if you look at the content of their politics, it is not extreme in any way. The difference is often, that they actually mean what they say, and are not afraid of talking the talk, and walking the walk.

But, with myself, I see that my ideas are actually accepted by most, and I hope, that the CONTENT of these ideas are recognized. They are the best we have; human rights, democracy, the rule of law, respect for the individual.

This is why I see, that the path I have put out, WILL change Europe. It may come from above or below, but it will come.

As a parent with both a stick and a carrot, I will Change Europe.

So please, stop the misery, and have a look at the CONTENT of the ideas I have presented. There are new enemies, like the islamists, and new friends, like Israel. But seriously, what would you want the most, being friends with the most illustrious nation of the world or friends with child rapists. The logical choice is pretty obvious.

So, please have a look at what I am actually saying, and judge me on that.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients, realized once again in our time.

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