The Danish renaissance

In Europe, and with the European Union, there seems to be an essential why that has never been asked, and why is that?

That is because we have gone from a dark intellectual period of post this and post that. Communism stopped functioning, liberalism seemed to be at its last leg, conservatism was over. Everything that made any sense politically was over.

So it is absolutely impossible to build anything of real value or virtue on intellectual ideas that are empty.

But now, things have gone 180 degrees around, and we are living in a renaissance. Democracy is fought for again, liberalism is vivid, our religion is actually clawing its way out of the misery it was in, and even socialism finds new paths.

That is the difference. We are actually living in the Danish Renaissance.

I have done extensive research on the other renaissances that were before this one. Actually I have realized, to my great joy, that there was a Byzantine renaissance in the year 1000 that I did not know anything about. That is really the missing link between the Italian renaissance of Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli and the Roman Empire.

After that we had the French Renaissance and now the Danish renaissance.

Essentially it is a rebirth of Plato and the ideas around the city of Athens.

Compared to the other renaissance philosophers, my advantage is, that I have much more easy acces to hidden scripture due to the internet, so this makes this renaissance different than the others. It is a bit deeper.

Hopefully we will acces a time of great evolution in Europe and our children, that will, eventually drive our rebirth as a continent.

G-d bless the will of the ancients.

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