New world order

onedollarThere is a major turning point of world politics coming up. One should be either blind or stupid not to realize this. The freemasons have their project of  “The new world order”. To be honest, I do not really understand the intricate weavings of the secret societies of the world. Dan Brown is launching his next book on exactly this subject, but again it is mostly just guesswork.

But there is no doubt that there is a new world order coming up. The following new principles, developed and implemented in the world is the basis of the new world order:

1. Communication

2. Mobility


The new means of communication; internet, mobile phones, television changes the very foundation of the power structures of the world. All of a sudden ideas and information can be distributed worldwide within milliseconds. Consequently the development of the society of earth is one. The human mind tends to see everything in opposition. The yellow against red, the conservatives against liberal, or the west against the muslims.

The current communication situation gives a worldspanning dichotomy. Before the internet conflicts were mainly local, today the conflicts are global. Before the internet we had local order, today we will end up with a global order.


The advent of jetpropelled, advanced flying machines have made the immigration og huge numbers of people both possible and actual. Today you can fly from Tel Aviv to Copenhagen in less than a day. This leads to conflicts because very different traditions are, all of a sudden mixed up. The ultra liberal traditions of Denmark are mixed up with the ultra conservative traditions of the middle east. This will lead to conflict, because the traditions are too far from each other to merge. It is the same everywhere in the west.

A wise man would have controlled the situation. But somehow the world leaders seem to think that more mixing is of the better. The opposite is true, less mixing would have made the situation controlable, now it will lead to war. It is just basic human nature. Or rather just the law of nature; if you remove the layer of civilization given by the rule of law, society will return to the rule of the strongest. This has happened in most major cities of the west.

There is one book that works as a bucket of cold water thrown in the face. That book is called The Prince, and it is written by the italian rennaissance philosopher Machiavelli. Machiavelli do not have any illusions concerning the nature of man. He is quite honest about it. People will always try to regain their indepence and try to refind their roots, if they are robbed of it. The only way to make sure people will not rebel against you, is to kill them all.

This is the principle that we are working towards, because there cannot be an islamic and a western civilisation working side by side, not in this new era of mobility and instant communication. The conflict between the muslim east and the west in inevitable. We just have to realize that, stop fooling ourselves and start to prepare.

Enoch Powell talked about rivers of blood, there is the prophesy of ragnarok or armageddon. And I think that we are at the verge of an apocalytptic war. The war will decide the new world order, the winner will take it all.

But hopefully the endresult will be an new equilibrium that will last.

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